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Sensience is a trusted partner for HVAC OEMs, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality components.

With a commitment to customization, stringent quality assurance, efficient supply chains, and ongoing support, we empower OEMs to enhance their products, meet project deadlines, and stay at the forefront of HVAC industry innovation

Gas Sensing

Global regulation changes focused around sustainability and lowering greenhouse gases are transforming requirements in the HVACR industry. The migration to refrigerants with lower GHG emissions require additional sensing elements to ensure safety within their environment. Our experts are ready to help you navigate these changes and prepare for the upcoming deadlines.

Pressure Sensing

Our pressure sensors are indispensable safety assets in the HVAC market, safeguarding systems and ensuring optimal performance. These sensors monitor pressure levels, preventing potential hazards such as over-pressurization or under-pressurization. By providing real-time data on pressure conditions, they enable immediate response to any deviations, averting system failures and potential damage. This approach not only enhances operational safety but also extends the lifespan of HVAC components.

Pressure Sensing

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Hermetic Feedthroughs

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