Glass-to-Metal Hermetics

Delivering enhanced, value-added hermetic solutions

Whether your need is for a feedthrough or a complex package with multiple solder schedules, the experts at Sensience will assist you from preliminary design to volume manufacturing. Our engineers are trained to work with your design team, providing support and information to create the best glass-to-metal seal solutions.

Electrical Feedthroughs

Our high-amperage and power-bolt feedthroughs utilize state-of-the-art glass-to-metal (GTM) sealing technology and insulating properties to accommodate high-amperage applications.

Sight Glass

We create highly compressed seals for hermetic sight glasses with our leading-edge glass-to-metal (GTM) sealing process. The sight glasses are used as windows for visual level and flow indicators in high-pressure or vacuum applications. We offer a variety of bolt-on, weld-in and threaded configurations. Standard models include single port glasses for simple level checking and multiple port glasses for more complex systems.

Connector Blocks

We offer connector blocks, which provide a means for compressor manufacturers to make service connections for power.

Sealed Electronic Packaging

We can assist you with creating the best custom package for your needs. No matter what your solution calls for, we will guide you through every step in developing a rugged and reliable glass-to-metal seal package.

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