Product Awareness & Intelligence

Strengthening Connections Through World-Class Technology

We produce the broadest range of supplied product solution options and configurations. Our innovative solutions elevate system performance, efficiency and overall customer success.

At Sensience We:

  • Ensure safety and enhance performance through our highly engineered sensing, control and sealing components
  • Bring deep engineering and design expertise
  • Help customers innovate with advanced technology, a broad set of capabilities, and creative solutions

Glass to Metal Fusing

Strengthening Connections from Preliminary Design to Volume Manufacturing

With experience in a wide range of applications, we deliver value-added glass-to-metal seal solutions and will guide you through every step to create a rugged and reliable glass-to-metal seal package.

At Sensience We:

  • Are recognized as the worldwide glass-to-metal seal industry leader
  • Shorten design cycles with technical expertise that eliminates wasteful prototyping
  • Collaborate with our clients to create the most efficient and reliable glass-to-metal seal solutions

Laser Welding & Sealing

Delivering Every Project

Using a combination of continuously variable laser power and pulse shaping techniques, we make accurate, consistent, repeatable seals between lids and package housings. We can also perform reliable placement and sealing to the most challenging feedthroughs and connectors.

At Sensience We:

  • Provide the best solution to lidding concerns, using our high-powered laser systems to complete the packaging cycle
  • Form the most robust metal-to-metal welding seal around the perimeter of a package
  • Deliver flexibility and experience; we are experts in incorporating posts or pedestals for stability
  • Maintain a higher level of hermeticity for the most demanding environments

Component Packaging

Our advanced package manufacturing line employs multi-atmosphere and multi-zone oven temperature control, along with a broad range of soldering technologies. The result is unmatched versatility, reliability and certainty.

At Sensience We:

  • Bring unmatched experience working with Kovar, aluminum, alumina alloys, brass, cold rolled steel (CRS), stainless steel and Inconel
  • Create a superior package design for direct sealing Kovar or soldering into aluminum
  • Help you calculate hole sizes, oven profiling and solder selection
  • Are industry leaders in the use of Au/Sn solder and uniquely qualified in the use of Sn96 and Sb5

Temperature Profiling

Delivering High-Performance Hermetic Packages

Sensience designs and manufactures state-of-the-art multi-atmosphere and multi-zone temperature solder ovens and glass furnaces to create unique settings for various requirements. Whether you require a solder module, a matched glass seal or direct fire assembly, we have the right combination of equipment and experience to exceed your expectations.

At Sensience We:

  • Establish a precise oven profile for each assembly by evaluating each design for thermal mass, temperature coefficient of expansion, fixturing, plating, solder type and other key criteria
  • Deliver your design on schedule and within budget
  • Have over 30 years of solder and direct-fire experience

Reliability Testing

Supporting a Wide Range of Standards and Specifications

Our quality assurance teams work diligently, providing careful inspection and guidance throughout the entire manufacturing process. We produce products for demanding applications and for meeting some of the most challenging requirements for customers in both the military and commercial marketplace.

At Sensience We:

  • Build quality into every step of the manufacturing process
  • Give our customers the certainty of reliability and long-lasting performance
  • Are proud of our position as a leader in the glass-to-metal seal industry

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