Safety Limits and Controls

Ensuring safe, reliable land efficient system control

We make products safer and more reliable with temperature control and overheating protection to keep your customers and their families safe. Our safety limit and control products include the broadest combination of globally certified temperatures and electrical loads, as well as the broadest range of packages, mountings and design configurations on the market today.

Bimetal Disc Thermostats

Our bimetal disc thermostats are thermally actuated switches with excellent electrical circuit protection. When exposed to a predetermined calibration temperature, the disc snaps and either opens or closes a set of contacts which breaks or completes the electrical circuit that has been applied to the thermostat.

Thermal Fuses

Our thermal fuses are perfect for when you need an accurate and reliable solution for upper-limit temperature protection. With our reliable protective thermal fuses, the active trigger mechanism is an exclusively formulated, electrically nonconductive pellet. When a predetermined temperature is reached that pellet melts, allowing the compression spring to relax. The trip spring then slides the contact away from the lead and the circuit is opened.

Packaged Thermal Fuses

Our thermal fuses not only come in custom configurations but are also available in a variety of convenient, mounted and packaged options.

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