Why Sensience

Our Core Values

Our company is defined not only by our products but by the people behind them and the values we stand for.


Customers define our success


Our curiosity drives innovation


We are accountable for results


Diversity, equity and inclusion are core to our team’s success


We invest in our people

Our Company Timeline

  • 1942

    Fusite Founded

  • 1947

    Therm-O-Disc Founded


  • 1968

    Therm-O-Disc Acquired by Emerson Electric Co.

  • 1972

    Fusite Acquired by Emerson Electric Co.


  • 1983

    Acquired Microtemp, introducing a new product offering of Thermal Fuses

  • 1985

    Acquired Midwest Components Group, introducing a new product offering of Package Sensors


  • 2000

    Aquired Thunderline Z, introducing a new product offering of Engineered Products

  • 2007

    FVS Gas Sensor Launched


  • 2016

    Fusite and Therm-O-Disc Merge

  • 2017

    Juarez location Attained IATF Automotive Certification


  • 2018

    Acquired Pactrol Controls Ltd.

  • 2021

    Joint Development Agreement Secured with Nevado Nano (A2L sensor technology)


  • 2022

    Acquired by One Rock Capital Partners

  • 2023

    Corporate Name Change to Sensience


A History of Innovation

Fusite and Therm-O-Disc were both founded in the 40s with innovation at their core—Therm-O-Disc with the invention of an ingenious bimetal disc and Fusite with their one-piece hermetically sealed feedthrough. These companies continued to create and expand, coming together in 1972.

Our company grew over the decades, adding new brands and product lines by acquiring Microtemp in 1983, Thunderline Z in 2000 and Pactrol Controls in 2018. Through our company’s impressive expansion, the original brands and their names remained—united by a shared commitment to innovation and quality.

In 2023, our name changed, too. Sensience was born, an homage to our dedication and passion for advancing the technology of sensing. It’s a name that represents our determination to help our customers elevate their safety, enhance performance and ensure mission-critical protection.

Today, we are a global manufacturer of highly engineered sensing and control components, delivering the technologies, capabilities and creative solutions our customers rely on.

By strengthening connections through heightened sensing, we’re helping to build a safer, more sustainable future.

In recognition of our efforts, we have been awarded a silver EcoVadis rating. EcoVadis is the most trusted sustainability rating for businesses. This award is not only a testament to our current efforts but provides a framework to continuously drive improvement.

Stronger connections for a better life

We are united in our commitment to enabling a cleaner, safer, connected world through industry-leading sensing technologies, ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of products that improve the way we all live, work and play.

Our manufacturing methods embrace sustainability, and we actively support STEM education in our local schools and community.