R290 A3 Refrigerant Gas Sensor

Technology: Sensing

Product Category: Gas Sensors

Application: HVAC, Refrigeration


Reliable A3 Refrigerant sensor with Micro-Machined Membrane (MMM) Technology partnered with NevadaNano Technology that is immune to poisoning, can withstand humid environments up to 100% condensing RH, detect <10 seconds to 25% LFL Level and have 15 years lifetime.

  • Refrigerant
  • Operating Temperature Range
  • Storage Temperature Range
  • Thermal Response (Sec.)
  • Operating Humidity Ranges
  • Operating Pressure Ranges
  • Measurement Range
  • Lifetime
  • Communication Interface
  • R290
  • -40°C to 75°C
  • -40 to 94°C (unpowered)
  • <10 to 100% LFL Level
  • 0-100% RH Condensing
  • 60 to 120kPa
  • 4-100% LFL
  • 15+ years with no calibration required

**Preliminary specifications. Contact our sales team for more information**

  • Uses Micro-Machined Membrane (MMM) technology.
  • Meets all AHRTI testing requirements including vibration testing, and is proven to be best-in-class.
  • No calibration / maintenance: No false alarms due to ambient conditions with the built-in environmental sensor for temperature, humidity, and pressure.
  • Resistant to condensing environments
  • Long life span: 15+ years

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