Surface Mount Bell Pins

Technology: Glass-to-Metal Hermetics

Product Category: Electrical Feedthroughs

Application: Aerospace & Defense

Brand: Thunderline-Z

The Thunderline-Z Bell Pin, a revolutionary design that does not require an external bent pin for contact, has been developed to work with lightweight aluminum or brass housings to create surface mount connections that perform well into K band frequency.

  • Pin Diameter or Sealing Method:
  • Material:
  • Plating:
  • .009 or .015 or .030
  • Kovar
  • Gold, Tin, or Silver
  • Hermeticity: < 1x10-8 standard cc/sec helium
  • Pin Sizes: .009" or .015" or .030"
  • RF Performance: up to 65GHz

Agency Ratings

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