Sensor Feedthroughs

Technology: Glass-to-Metal Hermetics

Product Category: Electrical Feedthroughs

Application: Process & Industrial

Brand: Fusite

Fusite’s extensive glass-to-metal (GTM) experience solves the toughest of sensor feedthroughs production and performance challenges, especially in process instrument applications where there is an inert atmosphere or vacuum on one side and wide-ranging high-pressure, high-temperature, or corrosive conditions on the other.

  • Pin Metal Type:
  • Bursting Pressure:
  • Minimum Dielectric Voltage:
  • Alloy 52 or Stainless
  • 25,000 psi
  • 2500 volts @ < 0.5 mA Leakage
  • Hermeticity: < 1x10-8 standard cc/sec helium
  • Insulation resistance: >10,000 megohm @ 500 VDC
  • For any application requiring hermetic signal feedthroughs, electronic packages, or sensor housings, headers, and packaging

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