12S, 14S, and 15S Sequencers

Technology: Safety limits and Controls

Product Category: Bi-metal

Application: HVAC

Brand: Therm-O-Disc

Type 12S, 14S, and 15S series sequencers combine a solid state PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heater with bimetal disc actuated contacts to provide time-delayed electrical switching. The snap-action design provides high-speed contact separation resulting in excellent life cycle characteristics at electrical loads up to 30 amps at 240 VAC. The 12S is a single disc device (either one or two pole). The 14S uses two bi-metal discs to provide two independent timings. The 15S consists of one control mounted on a common baseplate. Typical applications include electric furnaces, gas unit heaters, and other applications where a time delay is required.

  • Function:
  • Max Calibration:
  • Max Electrical Amperage:
  • Time Delay Relay
  • 30
  • Available with a variety of terminals and baseplates
  • Single pole, single throw/ single pole, double throw/ double pole, single throw/three pole
  • Available with contacts normally open or normally closed
  • Quiet operation

Agency Ratings

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    12S, 14S and 15S Time Delay Relays Product Specifications
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