Sight Glasses

Sight Glasses

Technology: Glass-to-Metal Hermetics

Product Category: Sight Glasses

Application: HVAC, Refrigeration

Brand: Fusite

Fusite uses its leading-edge glass-to-metal (GTM) sealing process to create highly compressed seals for hermetic sight glasses that are used as windows for visual level and flow indicators in high-pressure or vacuum applications. We offer a variety of bolt-on, weld-in and threaded configurations. Standard models include single port glasses for simple level checking and multiple port glasses for more complex systems

  • Pin Metal Type:
  • Bursting Pressure:
  • Minimum Dielectric Voltage:
  • 5,000 psi
  • 2500 volts @ < 0.5 mA Leakage
  • Hermeticity: < 1×10-7 standard cc/sec helium
  • Insulation resistance: > 10,000 megohm @ 500 VDC
  • Regulatory: Recognized by global regulatory agencies (such as UL, TUV, and GL) on select models

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