A New Beginning for Therm-O-Disc (now Sensience)

In June Therm-O-Disc officially rolled out their new company. Therm-O-Disc is a name you know, with products that span 75 years, and backed by the same great team you trust. But they are now a standalone entity, driven by a dedicated investment in the future growth of the business and the evolution of sensing and protection technologies.

Therm-O-Disc is a global manufacturer of highly engineered sensing, control and sealing components that ensure safety and enhance performance. The company creates mission-critical protection and valuable data for a wide range of systems including appliances, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units, industrial process equipment, motor vehicles, aircraft, and other important platforms. With a broad portfolio of proven products, deep engineering and design expertise, and exceptional customer support, Therm-O-Disc delivers the technologies, capabilities and creative solutions that help customers innovate with greater certainty.

The Therm-O-Disc product solutions that customers know and trust have not changed, and the company will continue to offer both sensing and hermetic solutions. This includes bimetal controls, MICROTEMP® thermal fuses, Fusite hermetic glass-to-metal feedthroughs, Thunderline-Z RF feedthroughs, Pactrol gas controls, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, gas sensors, and many more. With a deep understanding of customer applications and industry regulations, these components are highly engineered and rigorously tested to ensure the safety and longevity of the end product. Therm-O-Disc provides the ability to improve without compromise, whether that’s within cost reduction, performance gains, or design enhancements. The company is committed to continuous quality improvement, safety and excellent customer service.