G5 MICROTEMP Thermal Fuse

Technology: Safety limits and Controls

Product Category: Thermal Fuses

Application: Appliance, Automotive, HVAC


Designed for higher voltage and current applications than the G4, the G5 series MICROTEMP® thermal fuse is rated for operating currents up to 20 amps at 250VAC and 277 VAC (25 amps at 120VAC). Similar in appearance to the G4 series, the G5 series has a different internal construction designed for interrupting higher currents and withstanding higher temperatures.

  • Function:
  • Tf Range:
  • Max Electrical Rating:
  • One-Shot Fuse
  • 72°C – 240°C 162°F – 464°F
  • 20A/250VAC
  • Cut, formed, or terminated leads available
  • MICROTEMP® thermal fuses from Therm-O-Disc® represent the global standard in thermal fuses
  • The G5-series, designed for higher voltage and current applications, is rated for continuous operating currents up to 20 amps at 250VAC.
  • The global agency recognition of the G5-series enables use in a wide range of applications, including major and portable appliances as well as personal care products
  • Various mounted and potted options available

Agency Ratings

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