75TF Snap-Action Bi-metal Control

Technology: Safety limits and Controls

Product Category: Bi-metal

Application: Appliance, HVAC

Brand: Therm-O-Disc

The 75TF line of temperature controls combines automatic reset and single operation in one unique switch design. Two independent switch mechanisms, in electric series, provide primary and secondary temperature sensing at electrical loads up to 25 amps at 240 VAC. The 75TF is a viable alternative in applications where space prohibits two separate sensing devices.

  • Function:
  • Max Calibration:
  • Max Electrical Amperage:
  • Auto Reset / One-Shot Combination
  • 149°C / 300 °F Auto And 177°C /350°F Fuse
  • 25
  • Primary and secondary temperature sensing in same location
  • Automatic reset SPST in series with the single operation SPST
  • Snap-action bi-metal disc for high-speed contact separation
  • Wide variety of terminal and mounting options for design flexibility
  • Welded construction for integrity of current-carrying components
  • Available with exposed or enclosed bimetal disc for either increased thermal response or protection from airborne contaminants

Agency Ratings

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    75TF Snap Action Temperature Controls Product Specifications
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